Welcome Missouri Landlords!

Missouri has fallen behind other states with regard to Landlord Tenant Laws.  The Blue Springs Landlord Group is dedicated to unifying Missouri Landlords for the purpose of modernizing this state’s Landlord Tenant Laws.

The Goal

The goal is to simplify, clarify, modernize and revise the law governing the rental of dwelling units and the rights and obligations of Landlord and Tenant.

How to Achieve the Goal

  1. Educate elected officials & landlords of processes that work well in other states.
  2. Obtain support statewide from our elected representatives.
  3. Organize Landlords to one voice.

Changes Missouri Landlords Would Like to See

  • Quicker Court Dates
  • No Personal Service for Money Judgment
  • Quicker Evictions
  • Assisted removal of John & Jane Doe. If not on written lease, they’ve got to go

Who Can Help Achieve the Goal

We are working with your elected representatives on your behalf and we need your participation if you are one of the following:

Go to the Landlord Corner (navigation link top of page) and click on the Landlords Needed link to register.  There is no fee for this.